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At Elefthería , we have eleven horses and a miniature donkey who all help with equine therapy clients . The majority of our horses were rescued, and have been rehabilitated to now help our clients heal in their own ways. Each horse and Festus ( our donkey), have  their own personalities and stories. Our equine team works hard to help create healing and growth for individuals of the Central Texas community. 

Sponsor A Horse 


If you are interested in forming a special bond by spending time and helping  financially with one of our equine team members, then sponsorship is for you! Below is a list of benefits the sponsors get and bios of each of our horses. 


You can completely sponsor a horse or Festus! (our lovely donkey) for $200 a month or do a partial sponsorship of either $50, $100, or $150 a month. The complete sponsorship reserves that horse just for you on the horse sponsor hangout days. With the partial sponsorship you may be sharing them with other families on the horse sponsor hangout days. As a sponsor you will also get 3 Holiday Photoshoots with your horse for free!


Monthly Hangouts With Your Horse

Hangouts include grooming, petting, a fun activity set up by staff, and any pictures you want to take. Click the link for dates and times.


3 Holiday Photoshoots With Your Horse

These will be for Easter, 4th of July, and Christmas. The dates for the photoshoot will be announced in advance. A photographer and festive props will be supplied for each photoshoot with your sponsored horse.

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