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Jo Harrison
Owner and Therapist

From Owner Jo Harrison

Back in 2005, I began to have a desire to own a ranch with horses that would benefit kids and would focus on their mental, social, and emotional health. God created me to be a big dreamer  so it wasn’t long before vivid pictures flooded my mind about what this ranch was going to look like. I remember sharing this idea with one of my co-workers at Shoemaker High School and she looked at me as if I was crazy and said, “You ain't going to do that! You don't know the first thing about having a horse ranch.” I now thank her for saying that because she was right, and I immediately set out to learn everything I could about owning a ranch full of horses and how to combine that with counseling. I met some extraordinary people on that journey, including some of my co-workers, business people, and organizations that taught me an abundance of knowledge. I tried many times to prematurely launch and was met with many bumps in the road. Without going into much detail, I hit a couple of huge potholes relationally and financially, which I now look at as hi-lighted wisdom. During this journey, a little less than 10 years later, my spiritual walk was greatly nurtured at Faith Point Church, and I began to produce fruit through working with Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas. Through one of my interns I intentionally stumbled upon Parrie Haynes Ranch and the excitement exploded. Through many twists and turns, that 2005 vision has come to fruition with a fullness I never imagined; it is now a tree with many branches that is bearing much fruit. My territory has expanded and I now am a proud neighbor of the Friends of Parrie Haynes at the Hoover House, the entrance to Parrie Haynes Ranch. Restorative Hope is a place of peace where anyone, not only kids, can receive Christian counseling, mentorship, and restoration for your mind and spirit through equine therapy, nature, and prayer.

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